Private Yoga Classes, Yogatherapy & Group Classes

I decided to teach mostly individual yoga classes and Yogateraphy because I strongly believe in the power of Yoga to alleviate or to help curing most of the commons physical and emotional disorders of our society.

Private yoga classes are the perfect option for whom is healthy and either wants to start a new practice or want to go deeper the practice of Yoga; and for whom has some health concerns that need to be taken care of.

Since my classes are completely personalized and prepared bearing in mind the goals and the anatomy of the practitioner, they have an unique style that came from the fusion of three modern yoga styles: Vinyasa, Integral yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Raja yoga and Restorative Yoga in case or limited flexibility or mobility.

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga classes are for those people who don’t have any health concern and they want to start practicing or they want to go deeper in the Yoga practice.

Why you should choose private yoga classes over the group ones?

Because each body is different and needs a different practice that respects both our anatomy and our limits.

Moreover, each of us start practicing Yoga for different reasons (for instance: curiosity, tone up our body, get stronger, nurturing ourselves, etc) and the private yoga classes are prepared keeping in mind the goals of the practitioners.

Private Yoga classes might be more or less dynamic (depending on the needing) and they are completed with: pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (physical exercises), bandhas (neuromuscular contractions), meditation, concentration exercises (dharana) and relaxation techniques.

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Yogatherapy classes are for those who have some health concerns that need to be kept in mind during the practice. Yoga-thepay is effective for those who suffer from: high blood pressure, heart conditions, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, migraine, slipped disc, back pain and so on). 

Yoga-therapy is also very effective on those students who have an emotional imbalance (anxiety, depression, stress or insomnia) or a physical problem and are looking for a complementary therapy that promotes emotional and physical wellness.

The regular yoga practice is useful in case of: diabetes, depression (moderate and mild), anxiety disorders, panic attacks, stress, insomnia, intestinal problems,  postural problems, dysfunctions of the endocrine system, chronic painasthma. Yoga is also useful when you need to recover from aggressive chemical treatments.

As a yoga Teacher without any education in general medicine I cannot give you a diagnosis or be a substitute of the modern medicine: the Yogatherapy is a complementary technique that promotes the emotional and physical balance and health.

The classes of Yogatheraphy can be more static or dynamic, with active or passive physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, bandhas (neuromuscular contractions) and concentration exercises (dharana).

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Group Classes

If you are in Alba for a few days and you want to enjoy the energy of the Yoga with your family or friends, you can choose this class.

The classes might take place at your accommodation or outdoor.

The rhythm can be either static or dynamic, depending on the needs and the experience of the participants.

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Private Classes

Private lessons completely personalized on your level of practice, anatomy and goals you wish to reach through the practice.


Yogatherapy is for those who have special physical conditions or those who want to ease pain or emotional imbalance.