About Me

I am a professional Yoga Teacher recognized by the Yoga Alliance International

I was trained in Lisbon in 1 year course by the Mestre Ana Custódio

My approach to Life

I was born in 1986 in a small city in the North West of Italy.

Since I was a child I’ve always had a holistic view of our body and of life in general.

I believe We don’t exist as a individuals, but only as a part of a community: we are connected, we came from the same source.

On the other hand, I always knew that our body works like a perfect machine, where all the parts depend on each others and our mind plays a fundamental role.

I am confident that nature gives us everything we need in order to live and be healthy: fresh air, water, food and medicinal plants.

My Yoga Studies

Only when I moved to Portugal, in January 2014, I was able to follow real classes on a regular basis.

It was at this point that I understood the importance of being followed by a professional teacher.

At the beginning, I was practicing 2 times per week. I felt so good that I started practicing every day! Slowly I became more involved in the practice of meditation. 

During my practice, the curiosity of knowing more and more about Yoga (history, specific benefits, philosophy, pranayamas and so on) started growing in me. 

I slowly became aware that my path was to study and teach Yoga to other people in order to help them feeling good, on the physical, emotional and spiritual side! My gut was confirmed by several signs that were sent to me to show me that I was on the right path.


Yoga made me grow on several aspects of my life: first of all it helped me deal with aggressiveness, it solved my intestinal problems, it helped in accepting myself and my feelings; I understood the importance of controlling my thoughts.

My constant practice improved my posture and I got rid of all the back pains I was always suffering for spending too much time sitting at my desk.

I love laughter, good food, watermelon, reading, trekking and walking in the nature. I also love animals and hugs.

I think Yoga is a great way to bring more health, awareness, love and altruism in our lives!